Boosting Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurial Mindset of Youth

The creative and cultural sector across Europe evolves and changes fast, so do the skills required of individuals active in the sector. These new dimensions can only be met by provision of relevant sensitive training of the people who are or will be involved in the Cultural and Creative Industry (CCI) which is the main focus of the iCREATE project which involves 6 organisations from Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, Sweden and UK.

iCREATE is an innovative project that addresses the need to empower young people - students (from HEIs, secondary and post-secondary schools), employed in the cultural domain or unemployed, all aspiring to become CCI entrepreneurs who want to start their own business, by developing their skills with a view to increase labour participation and develop better matching between skills and labour market needs.

iCREATE project will create a Tailored Training Framework delivering to young people an integrated package of modern training tools and approaches to develop and enrich their knowledge and CCI-related entrepreneurial skills and competencies and thus will accelerate CCI entrepreneurship from the creation of the business idea and value proposition until the business startup and first steps toward sustainability.


General objectives

The general objective of iCREATE Project is to foster entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship activities among young people in the cultural domain and creative industry through the elaboration and promotion of open and innovative training programmes, materials and e-tools for teaching and learning to enrich their knowledge and boost their entrepreneurship skills and sector-related competences.

Thus, iCREATE will allow cultural heritage to be re-evaluated through both the training on how to realize a CCI-related idea and promote cultural exchange among project partner countries.

This will help both partners and target groups involved to appreciate better the value of European culture and to teach each other the common roots on which can be built more deep awareness of what means to be a European Citizen.

Specific objectives:

  • Elaborating open and innovative training programs, materials and e-tools for less time-consuming and cost-effective teaching and learning on how to be a successful entrepreneur and realize their professional ideas concerning CCIs, with emphasis on Cultural Heritage.
  • Enriching the competencies of young learners with the development of MOOCs delivered through a virtual learning environment. The target groups will benefit from the knowledge & skills in how to register a company, how to be creative, how to manage the company, what are the different types of startups etc.
  • Defining guide and tools to helping target groups in their startups, including social enterprises and career development.
  • Adapting the project outcomes to the training for different educational levels of facilitators and learners, aiming at equipping trainees with entrepreneurial competencies in the cultural domain and the right skills for their successful professional realization. In addition, to guarantee the recognition and validation of the training path, it will be designed following the ECVET frames & principles as well as the EntreComp framework.

Intellectual Outputs

O1 Research analysis of the young people level of entrepreneurship competencies in the creative and cultural sector

O2 iCREATE Tailored Training Framework & TNA

O3 MOOC for improvement of skills and knowledge of young people for business startup in the creative and cultural sector

IO4 iCREATE Step by step guide for the cultural company life cycle